2018 Annual Report

This past year The Spokes Group continued its success in providing bikes and helmets to children at Christmas time.  Bikes provide for independence, healthy activity and more benefits for youth.

The Spokes Group has branched out over the years, with the same mission.  In 2016 our fund raising and bike purchase efforts looked like this:

  • Charlotte                 2300
  • Raleigh                     800
  • Charleston                250

That totals 3350 smiling faces for 2018 and 49,100 over the past 25 years

Organizations that received bikes included:

  • The Salvation Army
  • Alexander Youth Network
  • Charlotte Mecklenburg police explorers
  • St Marks Catholic school
  • Families Forward – Charlotte
  • Right Moves for Youth
  • The Bethlehem Center
  • Invest Collegiate
  • The Relatives

We received financial help and fund raising assistance from a number of business partners including:

  • Atrium Health
  • The Haven Foundatioin
  • Amity Stylist
  • Bill and Sharon Allen Foundation

Thanks to all of our partners and supporters we finished the year with a modest cash surplus.

Will Beard, President

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