“Last year, my sister and I enjoyed buying two bicycles for two kids at Christmas in ‘honor’ of our father. This year we want to do the same in ‘memory’ of our father.”

“I am a 77 yr. old lady that was raised in a County Preacher’s home in eastern N. C. I never had a bike. I always filled out the form in the Montgomery Ward catalog, but never got to send it in. So now I can buy a bike, but I can’t ride it. Funny how life goes. So last year I bought a bike for a little boy in Virginia through my grand-daughter-this year I do it thru you.”

“You’re a good man-Charlie Brown- Thank you”

“Thank you both. I know you are blessed for bringing the bikes and untold happiness to 2001 kids. When I was a kid my bike was my horse and it opened up the world for me. I still have it. You have put bread upon the waters that will be returned a thousand fold. Best wishes.”

“Please accept our check in the amount of $70.00 to buy one bicycle for a deserving child in the memory of our son, William Blake Shaw, who passed away May 8, 2001. May you have a blessed holiday season.”

“The enclosed contribution is given in honor of Bob Boyd, my husband. If possible, I would appreciate your sending an acknowledgement of this gift in his honor to me so that I may give it to him as part of his Christmas. Thank you for your assistance with this matter. Thank you especially for what you are doing to make such a positive difference in the lives of so many children.”

“I read about the bike fund in the neighbors section of the Observer. Enclosed you will find a check. Please use it to make a couple of kids happy this Christmas.”

“I read the article highlighting the Spokes Group in Sunday’s Neighbors section of the paper. What a wonderful idea and as the article said…there’s nothing at Christmas like a bicycle for a child. We’re happy to enclose the small contribution to your efforts, which represents one bicycle from each of our three children.”

“My two sons, ages 16 & 13 saw your wonderful article in the paper and decided to help your great cause. They’re using their own money. I applaud your endeavors.”

“It’s my turn to help out your charity this year. Amazingly, I was feeling financially flush this year and had a little extra to contribute. I had actually asked mom if she had any ideas of the best charity to help out. That week she got an article from my cousin in Charlotte explaining your project. Perfect timing. I wish I could send more, but I hope it helps a little. Good luck with the rest of your funding. I feel sure you will reach your goal.” From Greenville, S. C.

“My wife and I wanted to contribute to the bike fund. I never got one, but bikes and plowed fields don’t go together.”

“Please find the enclosed check to cover the cost of five bicycles. I believe my company will match this donation, providing the cost of a total of ten bicycles. This donation should be considered anonymous. We do not want to see our names in the newspaper. Thank you for your effort to help needy children during the holiday season.”

“I think this program is great! I would love to volunteer.”

“My children saw the story in the Observer and wanted to help. Best of luck. We hope you raise all the monies needed.”

“I read with great interest and admiration in Sunday’s Charlotte Observer about the work you are doing to make so many children’s Christmas a lot happier. Enclosed is my check for $90.00 as a contribution toward your work. I realize that $70.00 will buy a bike and would like for the additional $20.00 to be used for a helmet. Giving a helmet to each bike recipient may be something you will consider as an additional project. You deserve a lot of credit for a wonderful contribution of time and talent. I keep on my desk a quotation from H. G. Wells, ‘Every time I see an adult on a bicycle I no longer despair for the human race.’ Sincerely.”

“I would like to ‘Buy a Bike’ in honor of my husband, Sherman, who is an avid cyclist. I wish to make Christmas a little brighter and happier for a child. Thank you for what you are doing to give these children a happier holiday and much enjoyment throughout the year.”

“I came across your website yesterday through ‘Go Carolinas.com’ and agreed that this is a wonderful cause. Please use the enclosed check to cover the cost of 4 bikes. Merry Christmas and thank you for volunteering your time and effort.”

“What a nice thing you are doing for the children of Mecklenburg County. Please accept my check for $140.00. If you come up short in your goal to pay for the 2001 bikes, please call me. We probably could manage to dig a little deeper.”

“I am new to the Charlotte area and read about your bicycles for Christmas Program. What you are doing is especially wonderful and I would like to help.”

“Enclosed is our contribution for the Spokes Group for this year. This includes $750.00 from MCMC and $140.00 from our employees. Best of luck in this year’s project.”

“Thanks for your efforts in bringing much joy to so many poor kids at this time of the year. I did not know of your program, and was delighted to read about it in this morning’s Observer. Enclosed is our check to help in this effort. Best wishes for the program’s success.”

“The story in last Sunday’s Charlotte Observer about the Salvation Army Bike Fund was very touching for me. Growing up, I was lucky enough to have a grandfather that owned a bicycle shop and was fortunate to receive a new bike every other year for Christmas. I still own that last bike my grandfather gave me in high school (he since passed away 20 years ago). As an adult, I realize how privileged I was. Please accept this donation to make someone’s Christmas very happy. Keep up the good work.”