Fund Raising Ideas

The families and children in the Charlotte area need your help.   We ask you to consider sharing your blessings with needy families.  We can’t do it without you.

How your company can participate:

  • Ask for a 25 cent donation for coffee
  • Ask for a $1 donation to participate in casual day
  • Have a potluck lunch where employees could pay $5 per plate,  with the proceeds going to the bike fund
  • Place a bicycle in the lobby with a sign describing your company’s involvement and asking visitors and vendors to make a donation
  • Develop interoffice challenges to raise the most money
  • Send an email note to The Spokes Group

What you give:

  • Money to go toward the purchase of bicycles for less fortunate children
  • Time developing ideas to create excitement within your office

What you receive:

  • An opportunity to create teamwork within your office
  • A type of challenge to create an event that will enhance the  lives of employees
  • A chance to share Christmas joy throughout the year
    A tax deductible donation


  • Monthly meetings to update other companies on money  raised so far and ideas to get employees excited about participating.
  • A contact person to share new ideas with your  company and ask questions
  • Advertisement of this project within your company
  • Collect all money and deliver/mail to The Salvation Army by due date

All funds raised throughout this project remain in the Charlotte/Mecklenburg County Area. Three different sizes of bicycles are purchased at local retailers who offer the best deal on the quantity we purchase.

After funds are raised and bicycles purchased, we invite you to volunteer and share in the thrill and excitement of spinning the wheel with a parent during distribution. The week before Christmas is the most exciting time to volunteer and see how The Christmas Bureau works to help families have a Merry Christmas; however, also remember the Christmas Bureau has a registration period and time to set up for the big event.

The Spokes Group contributes to the Salvation Army which is a 501(c) (3) organization.  Besides being heartwarming, your donation is tax deductible.


Each bike costs an average of $85. To donate, make a tax-deductible check out to “The Spokes Group” and mail it to

 The Spokes Group
PO Box 220395
Charlotte, NC 28222